Products using our barcodes - UPC Warehouse Barcodes

Products using our UPC barcodes

Our UPC barcodes are being used on a wide range of products & brands internationally. We have clients using our barcodes on both local and exported products worldwide (in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, UAE, Oman, Kenya & many other countries). Our barcodes are suitable for the major global E-Commerce platforms as well as physical retail stores. Our UPC barcodes can be used on food and beverages, giftware, toys, homeware, clothing, skincare, outdoor products, furniture, etc. 

Below are some examples of companies using our barcodes:

  • Think Group – Import & Manufacturing company
  • Love The Drive – Wind deflectors for convertible cars
  • Foto Experts Inc – camera and photography equipment
  • Kelowna Baskets – custom gift baskets
  • Dockmaster Canada – supplies docks and instant decks
  • Luscious Linens – plush waterproof blankets for beds
  • Vital Botanicals – Canadian herbal company making medicinal grade tinctures
  • Apple Tree Coffee (Canada)
  • Gadget Lab Canada - homeware, kitchen gadgets, furniture, games, kids toys
  • Joli Visage Skincare - skincare products, luxury bags, jewelry
  • Augie's Montreal Smoke Meat
  • Becky Dog Apparel - dog beds, collars, leashes, harnesses
  • Phoenix Domes - Glamping Domes for outdoor living
  • Akolife Springs - Purified drinking water
  • Sluban Canada - educational toys and games
  • Ole Ole Flamenco - dresses and apparel for Flamenco dancers
  • Taiseer (Oman Trade Platform) - assists Omani companies & helps them export their products internationally
  • JWE Group - a fast-growing international company that focuses on niche markets. Their main brands are Acepunch (3D wall art) and Arrowzoom (sound proofing technology).
  • Passive Ecommerce (Arizona) - supports businesses in developing ecommerce strategies
  • Palco for Import and Distribution

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