FAQ - UPC Warehouse Barcodes

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about how to buy and use UPC barcodes on your products.

How many barcodes do I need?

You need a different barcode for each different product and product variation (including different sizes and colours of the same product). We have great discounts if you buy multiple barcodes at the same time - so we recommend buying more barcodes than you need, and saving the extra barcodes for later for when you bring out new products.

What will I receive?

When you order barcodes from us, you will receive the barcode numbers and images straight away by email. The emails will come in several formats (JPG, PDF, PNG and SVG). The email will also contain a list of your barcode numbers in an excel sheet.

How do I use my barcodes?

Find out how to use your barcodes here.

Can I resize my barcodes?

Yes, you can resize your barcode images to fit your packaging or label. You can reduce the width and/or the height of the barcode. The minimum recommended width of a UPC barcode is 30mm. The minimum recommended height of a UPC barcode is 20mm (however in practice you can reduce the height of the barcode bars down to about 10mm and the barcode should still scan fine).

Will the barcodes be unique to me?

Yes, if you buy barcodes from our company you will receive globally unique UPC barcode numbers that have never been used on a retail product before. You will be the sole legal owner of them worldwide.

Will I own my barcodes for life?

Yes, you will own your barcode numbers for life. Pay once, and own the barcodes for life - no future fees required.

Do your barcodes work worldwide?

Yes they do. Our UPC barcodes can be used in any country in the world. UPC barcodes are US-origin barcodes that are commonly used on retail products in the USA, Canada, and on products sold globally. We have customers all over the world using our UPC barcodes. See some examples of products and brands using our barcodes here.

Do your barcodes comply with global barcode standards?

Yes Our UPC barcodes comply with the GS1 barcode standards set by the global retail industry.

Do your barcodes work in both online stores & physical retail stores?

Yes, our barcodes can be used on online shop platforms and in physical retail stores worldwide. If you are selling your products on Amazon please click here to find out about their requirements and how to get your products listed.

Where do your barcodes come from?

Our UPC barcodes originally came from companies in the USA who were given barcodes by UCC (now called GS1-US). Some of those companies were given way more barcodes than they needed, so they sold their unused barcodes.

Barcodes issued by UCC prior to August 28, 2002 are legal to use, buy and sell under the UCC Settlement Agreement which was reached in 2003. They are not subject to GS1's annual membership fees.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do. You can read our full guarantee here. We guarantee you will receive globally unique UPC barcode numbers, and that you will be the sole legal owner of them for life.

For more information please see our terms and conditions are here.